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Scholl Associates

Your Benefits Partner

Scholl Associates has been highly successful helping our clients control benefits cost. We are the only firm in Colorado with the tools to help you.

Reduce Costs by:
  • Engaging employees as consumers with financial incentives to lower medical expenditures.
  • Lowering the overhead costs of benefit compliance and administrative tasks.
  • Offering incentive based wellness programs not available to small and mid sized companies that are proven to lower medical claims.
Improve Efficiency with:
  • State of the art benefits technology.
  • Electronic enrollment and communications.
Increase Revenue by:
  • Attracting highly productive employees with a Fortune 500 benefit program.

Many companies are comfortable using traditional shop and bid tactics to control costs. But today those strategies provide nominal results. Our clients prefer our customized approach to controlling cost while building a superior benefit program. With our 25 plus years of experience at your side, you can confidently relax knowing you have a superior benefit program, that is efficiently managed, all in a low-pressure, friendly way that reduces your cost!

You Deserve Expert Help

Employee Benefits are an essential part of your compensation program. As a leader of your organization, you need to recruit and retain talented employees. Employees count on their benefits to provide the foundation to their personal finances. Our job is to find the balance between meeting your budget while providing the best programs available to your employees. Happy and healthy employees are productive employees and your benefits program should strengthen their commitment to your success.